Your Home, Your Way

With Expedition Log Homes of Alaska, your choices in log style and design are virtually endless. Whatever your idea of the perfect log home, Expedition Log Homes of Alaska can deliver it!

Log Styles

Select from five log styles including kiln-dried handcrafted, air-dried Swedish cope, air-dried handcrafted, kiln-dried pioneer logs and kiln-dried cabin logs. View all log styles…

Corner Systems

Compete your log selection by choosing a corner system. Select from full round butt & pass, traditional butt & pass, vertical post corner, handcrafted saddlenotch and Swedish cope saddlenotch. View all corner styles…

Architectural Design Elements

Mix and match style elements, such as dormers, a cathedral ceiling or second floor porch to fully customize your new Expedition log home. Our design consultants can help translate your ideas into a workable plan… and beautiful reality. View more architectural elements…

Standard Materials Package

We’ve made it easy for you to get the home you want by coordinating all the unique materials that will make up your home into one complete and harmonious package. View the Standard Materials Package for a detailed list of construction materials included.

Design Portfolio

Start with a log home floorplan from the design portfolio and add your personal touches… Or let’s start from scratch to create your own design built to suite your every need!

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Have a home that you’d like to retrofit with logs?

We carry a complete supply of log siding, beams, posts, chinking, stains and sealants.  Call for details.